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I am a journalist based in London, UK. I am about to graduate from a BA hons Fashion Journalism course at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London.

Below is a selection of published work I have done. This includes news stories, features, fashion stories, podcasts and collaborative work. For more of my work click here.

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VYB3  is a great example of  my editorial skills as well as a collection of my mixed media journalism.

Kendrick Lamar morphs into Will Smith as commentary to black on black violence

After four years, Kendrick Lamar drops a new single with epic commentary on gang violence over a jazzy, Marvin Gaye instrumental. This morning African- American rapper Kendrick Lamar released a new single, The Heart Part 5, after a four year hiatus. Lamar’s 5th part uses lyricism to comment on gang culture, black on black crime and adopting perspective. As well as paying homage to the late rapper Nipsey Hussle. The release of the song came accompanied with the music video, which is trending at

No EFFN Way!

After the release of a heat reactive t-shirt, Waiura Takarangi talks to VYB3 about how the Australian streetwear brand, EFFN clothing, came to be the sell-out brand it is today. From the other side of the world, Takarangi tells us how back in 2017, his artistic outlet turned into one of today’s coolest brands. The 90s inspired streetwear that EFFN produces is heavily focused on pop culture and music icons. All the designs are created by Takarangi himself and the inclusion of music icons comes

Peta releases 'human skin' leather goods

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has embarked on a new strategy designed to call out the fashion industry. It has launched the website ‘Urban Outraged’ a fake online clothing store alongside Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. At first glance, the website looks like a typical fashion store but it is obvious that there’s something not quite right about it. All the clothes and accessories are modelled on the website as though they are available to purchase. But what is sh

Kylie Swim opens doors for indie swim brands

On September 17 Kylie Jenner launched her latest business venture, Kylie Swim. After massive successes with her previous brands – launching Kylie into a net worth of £620 million, according to Forbes – the release of the swimwear came with high expectations. Unfortunately, Jenner failed to live up to those hopes. An influx of negative reviews of the Kylie Swim products flooded social media. People rushed to TikTok to share their disappointments with the swimsuits. The hashtag #kylieswimreview h

Supreme dives into the luxe jewellery world

This week luxury brand Supreme announced a collaboration with high-end jeweller Tiffany & Co. And the collaboration named Return to Tiffany releases today, November 11, for autumn 2021. Supreme said the line of products is “inspired by pieces originally launched in the 1960s”. Within the Return to Tiffany collection there are five items of jewellery, plus a keyring and limited-edition t-shirt available to purchase. The t-shirt sees the iconic Supreme box logo in the classic Tiffany blue. Unlik

Global Fashion Agenda hosts its first online event

On May 12 2021, Danish leadership forum, Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) hosted its first online Fashion CEO Agenda event. The event provided a strategic guide for industry executives to future-proof their companies. Brand leaders such as Patrik Silén chief strategy officer of ASOS, Helena Helmersson, H&M Group’s CEO and Kerry Huang strategy and chief of staff at Pangaia attended the virtual event. Fashion Agenda publishes a yearly framework co-authored by ASOS, Bestseller, Fung Group, H&M Group, K

Rental fashion: conscious consumption

Fashion lovers have had it hard recently with the ever-looming conversation of sustainability. However, what seems to be a new phenomenon may be a beacon of hope into the future of fashion. Rental fashion. A way to keep our style in rotation without adding to the major consumption issue the industry is facing. Lora Gene is the director and founder of womenswear brand Gene Style Limited. She says: “Rental platforms can facilitate an easy and more conscious way of consumption. If we change the wa

_shift talks: Stylish with a stoma

_shift was luckily enough to start the new year with a wholesome conversation with fashion fanatic, Lucy Smith-Butler. Age 12 she set up a blog as a creative outlet, to share her style and love for clothes. Now in 2022 she continues to share her style on Instagram and TikTok. After surgery, in 2019, Butler was left with a colostomy bag. A colostomy bag is the pouch given, after part of the colon has been surgically diverted out through the tummy. Despite the bag now being noticeable when wearin

_shift talks: the resurgence of permanent make-up

After seeing a significant rise in cosmetic tattooing, particularly across TikTok, we speak to two experts, Dana Depta and Daisy Foxglove, about the permanent make up (PMU) process and discuss why it’s so important to trust your artist. In the past PMU has earned a bad reputation because of so many botched jobs due to poorly trained artists. But the power of social media has worked its magic once again. With the #cosmentictatoo generating 108.9 million views and #PMU 539.3 million. Scientifica